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    Custom made canvas and pvs prodcuts

    Our extensive range of canvas and PVC products can be manufactured using a variety of techniques to suit your specific needs. A selection of material thicknesses and weights are also available for differing applications. Our covers are always a perfect fit, and our team can modify or customise them to suit your requirements.

    Our skilled trimmers can fit new frames to utes or trailers, and we custom manufacture covers to suit. We also modify existing covers and frames as required. With an enormous range of colour options available, we are confident we can match or enhance your vehicle’s existing trim items. If you need repairs or modifications to your PVC or canvas cover, speak with the team at A Grade Upholstery.

    See below for more on our canvas and PVC covers

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    Our PVC and canvas products are custom-made and long lasting. Call us today on 03 9357 9667.

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